"prometheus" (SPOILERS!!)

i wanted to like this movie so much more than i did.  don’t get me wrong, i liked it a lot…but i wanted to LOVE it.

i think i may have liked it more if the fact that it was an “alien” prequel was kept under wraps a little bit better. but, realistically, that would be impossible.  there just aren’t any secrets anymore in film.

let me start with the things that i liked: noomi, charlize, and fassbender were excellent.  idris alba did a good job.  the FX were incredible.  the basic plot was good and being that it IS a prequel how they approached it was pretty interesting.

the things i didn’t like: logan marshall-green was annoying.  i found him totally fake.  his acting was a total put-off for me.  the score was kind of off for me, as well.  at moments the music seemed uplifting and soaring.  this just doesn’t feel correct in this world scott forged.  of course, it’s always odd when you have a prequel to a movie made quite some time ago and the technology doesn’t add up.  why did they go from touch screen new-style tech to commodore 64’s, i have no idea.

overall, this is a very interesting way of answering the question of where we come from with a little nostalgia for “alien” tossed in.  i hope that they do a sequel following the adventures of noomi’s character.


2.78 outta 5

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    I finally saw “Prometheus”! Review coming later today, but I give it a (slightly qualified) thumbs up!
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