#10 queen

one of the greatest and most diverse bands ever created by man.  there has never been, nor ever will be another band that will ever sound like them.  freddie mercury is the epitome of what a front-man is. 

the first time i ever heard them and really knew of them was, of course, “we are the champions” back in kid-dom.  and, like, many others, i kinda forgot about them until “wayne’s world”.  it’s unfortunate that that happens, but at least the band got to see a resurgence some time before we lost freddie.

faves include: “bohemian rhapsody”, “another one bites the dust, “the show must go on”, “these are the days of our lives”, “i’m in love with my car”, “save me”, “who wants to live forever”, “radio ga ga”, “one vision”, “innuendo”…

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